Why do I need headshots?

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My headshot packages

Headshot Essentials

£50 - £95

About This Service
• 1 hour
• 2 backgrounds
• 2 outfits
• 3 fully finished photos (download)
Regular - £95
Full-time Student - £75
10% off your next session
Under 13s - £50
10% off your next session

Headshot The Works

£75 - £150

About This Service
• 2 hours
• Multiple backgrounds
• Up to 4 outfits
• Opportunity to look through shots at the end of the session to pick favourites
• 5 full finished photos (download)
Regular - £150
Full-time Student - £95
15% off your next session
Under 13s - £75
15% off your next session

Group Sessions

Contact for Pricing

About This Service
Are you a dance school, drama class, or theatre group? If so then I can offer excellent rates for a block booking.

Drop me a line to discuss you requirements.
Group - Contact for Pricing
As many people are you need

The answers to your questions
What shall I wear?
The age-old question. Firstly, these photo represent you so it should be your style. Choose a good selection of outfits and it pays to go with your best clothes. While these are headshots and generally your bottom half isn't in the photos it's best to commit to the whole outfit.

Avoid patterns and try to stick to single colours. A black top, a roll-neck sweater, a white top/shirt, al these make for a timeless look.
I wear glasses, is that a problem?
Not at all. I have a few tricks to avoiding glare from the flashes. The best solution is if you can pop the lenses out of your frame (providing they can go back in) or it really helps if you wear anti-glare lenses. If you don't wear glasses all the time it's worth having shots with and without them to show your versatile look.

Can I shave during the shoot?
Absolutely! In fact, for men, I would recommend having shots before and after shaving to give you shots that showcase versatility in your look. Of course, this might not be suitable if you've got a groomed beard you've been growing for 3 years!
Should I wear make-up?
This is a really personal choice. For a corporate of business headshot I recommend wearing the same amount as you would to work. For a performers headshot I recommend wearing the same amount you would wear to an audition. Try to wear matte makeup rather than anything shiny and definitely no glitter. If you bring along your makeup and remover, it's gives the opportunity for some more versatile shots by adding or removing makeup.
How long do you keep my photos and can I keep the unedited ones?
I keep archives of all sessions for 12 months after the shoot, after that I keep portfolio version of the the edited photos only. I'm afraid you can't keep the unedited photos.
What are the timescales to receiving my photos?
My usual turnaround is that within 24 hours of your session you will receive a link to view your previews. From those you pick the shots you want (the number depends on the package you book) and I then finished them of in the edit process (aka retouching). The final shots will then be available to download with 72 hours.
If there are any circumstance where I won't be able to meet these timescales this will be made clear to you at your session.
What is editing/re-touching?
This is the editing process I undertake to ensure your photos are the best version of you. I remove things like spots and blemishes, stray hairs and other things that aren't permanent. When it comes to birthmarks or scars I always suggest to keep them in as they are a part of you. What I don't do is smooth out the skin so that it no longer looks like skin - for me there has to be a natural feel. The photo will still be you.

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