Ey up! I'm Dave.

Okay, let's clear up the obvious. Yes, I am Robert David, that's my name, but I was always called David. However, I thought 'Robert David' sounded far better for a business name in photography.

Yes, I am a Yorkshireman. Born here, grew up here and remain here. Why would I leave such a diverse and beautiful landscape?

I've been a photographer for a long time. I've not always operated professionally and in the past 14 years I took a big break from it to focus on my IT career. Frankly, that was a mistake, but that's how we learn lessons in life.

I started out photographing family portraits and soon began photographing weddings. Via a client I then dabbled in dance show photography before the aforementioned 'break'.

It was dance that pulled me back into photography. All four of our daughters danced at a local school and it was through volunteering my time there as a photographer that I realised I wanted to hold that camera in my hand as often as I could and that photographing dancers was something that really interested me.





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